Folwark Ruchenka /stodoła/

How Ruchenka was created?

Folwark was created actually quite by an accident because we begin – as we thought – small lifting of our natal barn to organize just our own wedding party. We removed every needless things, we poured the floor… and it began.
Today, when we think about it, there actually was no such a moment when we said “Yes, let’s do it”, only these works began to follow each other so naturally, and we did not accept any concerns from family and friends. On the contrary – the more we were “colled down” by their fears the more we wanted to go further. Today we know, that without our childlike faith in dreams we would not be here, it led us to the place where we are now.

# It all started in the barn

It got so beautiful, that…

… we quickly set about preparing the garden for the visit of many guests:

Renovations were increasing with each passing day … the head began to burst with new ideas:

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# We’re building the most awesome water tub

Living on a continuous construction opens the imagination and releases the brakes. You feel that nothing limits you – because finally you are surrounded by great people, great professionals 🙂

Duża balia wodna podwieszana nad ogniskiem grzana ogniem

Fantasy began to carry us, because the construction of our water tub turned out to be a fascinating experience.

The camping site was created for our second wedding of Ania and Henryk

…It was a real madness

We quickly realized that it was time for another experiment. Field houses!

Thank you for being so far!! Wow, respect and a big bow 🙂

Finally, you need to find out where the Ruchenka Farm really comes from.

True story

Folwark Ruchenka is a family property. The barn and the entire buildings were erected by our great grandparents, Henryka and Wacław Solka in the 1930s.

This is the original name of the farm, which operated in this area before the war, and whose traces we found on preserved family maps. The time of World War II did not spare this region, German troops completely destroyed the farm, and a German army post operated throughout the entire period of the partition. That is why during thorough renovations we found secret caches, items and bullets that the torturers left behind and which we present today as curiosities to watch.

The area surrounding the farm is land of the highest first class, which is why today on every unused patch of land we can find agricultural crops. Thanks to this, we keep many great-grandfather machines and tools on the property. All collected items come only from family souvenirs and were authentically used by the then hosts.

That’s really all we want you to know about this magical place.

Thanks for your attention 🙂

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