Folwark Ruchenka /stodoła/

We like people, meetings and long conversations.

From the very beginning, we were guided by the idea of meeting people of similar sensitivity. We treat our guests just as we would like someone to receive us and host us.

Creating Ruchenka we realized our biggest dream of making parties without white tablecloths, skirtings, tons of food on the tables, and in general without forced elegance. Such a place, which from the beginning will intrigue. And this is how “Folwark Ruchenka” was created.

slow wedding philosophy

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We really, really wanted that everyone who will visit us spend time just as he want to. We are always most happy when guests who spend wedding parties in Ruchenka say, that they simply rested and spent a nice time surrounded by nature and relatives. And in our opinion that is the greatest determinant of good wedding party.

We will surprise you by unique atmosphere; free, without bloating, artificiality. Around our barn you will find a real chill space; deckchairs, hammocks, two spacious terraces by the barn, bonfire glow, wooden alleys through our gardens and insane, unlimited view.

We are also more and more boldly talking about our eco approach, aversion to senseless plastic production and waste of food. This can be combined with the organization of a large event. We will tell you more about it in Ruchenka. So come on 🙂

And we, Lena and Marcin, quite a disordered marriage with a tendency to dream of bold things. We live in a wooden great-grandfather’s house 30m from Ruchenka’s barn, surrounded by a garden that our Mother cares for. We love this place with great and undying love.

Recently, we also loved our glampvan (proper name: P), and in our free time we abandon the comfort zone and … we are exploring Europe. Chevy, where  we put in a bed, some drawers, burners, shower and carpet on the floor. We have experienced that real travel begins where the internet ends. We ventilate our heads without restrictions, without any big arrangements. Just moving in front of you. This make that in April we are already counting down the days to the beginning of the season 🙂

And this is how we live – in season very intensively, off season not intensely by spending our time on discover unknown. And how it is to work together? Answer – sometimes difficult. Especially when one person know what he wants, and the other one knows it even better. But we are sure that one does not exist without the other. And our quiet dream is that we always want to. Together. Everything 🙂

Lena & Marcin

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