Folwark Ruchenka /stodoła/

Concerts in Ruchenka, what is it all about?

Imagine you are attending an intimate concert with a great Artist. There are no barriers, no security, no big stage, and you have musicians at your fingertips. You meet related souls, the unprecedented energy of positive people who love music as much as you do.

How to get to our concerts?

We inform people who signed up for our subscription and through artist fan clubs about new events. Tickets are enough only for the fastest. Join us, we invite you to something special. Something Poland doesn’t watch too often or not at all. 


What can you expect?

Meadow concerts in Ruchenka are, above all, wonderful artists at your fingertips, these are experiences that will stay deep in you, something that is to cleanse and breathe joy into your soul. It is a chance to get to know new, get to know new music, get to know the Artists from a different side, get to know their work, which is often shrouded in mystery.

“Without a roof, without a stage elevation, with a direct connection to heaven and earth and with people ♥ I flew away.”  – Bela Komoszyńska Sorry Boys

“Magic, elves, fairies, a world of magic, fairy tales and legends. This is how I remember Folwark Ruchenka. ” – Ania Rusowicz

Let us be in solidarity with artists in a difficult time

The year 2020 is also our support that we can show to musicians, technicians, managers, the entire art industry by organizing meadow concerts. Support that is extremely needed now, when the world is dealing with seemingly more important matters, forgetting about culture. Support with us, show that the world does not exist without culture. Support the Artists, because this year is really bad for them. Open up to new ones and you will not regret it, on the contrary – you will appreciate 

“This weird season didn’t offer many opportunities to meet you live, but once that happened, one of the most amazing concert evenings happened to us.” – Wojciech BARANOVSKI

metaphysical meeting with the Artists

Artists. Who gives concerts in Ruchenka?

Only the most wonderful ones, open to new ones and willing to go all the way on completely new rules. Our rules! Be open to new ones, we will invite you to a great event. We make every effort to ensure that the concerts organized with us are a different dimension also for the artists themselves.

Come with friends, show them something they will never forget for the rest of their lives!

“But I don’t know any of this artist’s songs”, “maybe it will be cold” and we ask: what does it matter ?? At Ruchenka, we believe that nothing happens without a reason. The fact that you are now taking the time to read this is a sign to us that we need to get to know each other.

A gift concert?

We have introduced gift vouchers for our concerts. The voucher entitles you to enter each of our concerts. We will inform the recipient one by one about each of our concerts, first with the entire subscription, until the voucher is redeemed. The gift will be valid for 12 months.


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